Tomorrow is graduation. I will be so very proud of some of those kids on that stage. I’m planning ahead for “the ugly cry”. Some are truly gifted students and graduating from our IB program and going off to top notch schools to save the world. Some of them have babies, work full time, take care of their grandparents or go hungry at night and on weekends. Many of them are foster kids and the only people that will be there cheering for them are the teachers. But for one afternoon they are all equal. Dressed in the same robes and hats and crossing the same stage and feeling the same pride. I’m ready to feel the love because it has been a tough school year in many ways but we got there in the end. 

But for tonight more babies!!! Fat babies make everything better. They really like Bad Lip Reading videos and interpretive dance so they fit right in with Finn and LieLie. However they may learn some bad things. I heard Finn playing patty cake and when he ran out of words that he knew he improvised with the same beat and ” bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when then they come for you…” #soulcousins


9 months old

My nieces Junie and Dixie have arrived for a short visit and I. Can. Not. Even. Stand. It. If you have ever met me, then you know I love me some fat babies! So times that by two and make them super jolly and laughing and OMG. 

Day 1 of summer ’17

I’m not out of school but the kids are so I’m pretending. I started my day with some paddle board yoga. Apparently it is a sport mostly for people who look really good in the Athleta bathing suit collection from spring 2017. But I’m apparently braver than those skinny bit$&@es because when she said it was time to do our inversion pose I was the only one who did a headstand. I was also the only one to fall in the lake….when it was all over and I had actually done a headstand on a moving object, I was so proud of myself that I forgot where I was and stood right up like I was in a desert. Not a desert. The screaming/evacuating flock of geese were a tiny clue. Then there was a pool trip and groceries and Captain  Underpants with the real Harold and George! The movie was the equivalent of the Rocky Horror picture show for the elementary boy set. They knew every word and shouted along. I guess Finn isn’t the only one who has reread those novels 100 times. Well done Captain!

Thank goodness the theater is also a taphouse.

4th grade! 

Finnian Henri is a fourth grader!

He finished the year strong after a winter filled with nasty tonsils and every virus known to man/chicken and the alphabet. He read every word of every Harry Potter book, some of them twice, made the cut for Duke Tip, got a history award and inexplicably a rat skull and sang Castle On The Hill in a talent show. Clearly he didn’t clear that song with me (or mention the show at all) or I would have suggested a song that isn’t about getting drunk and falling down a hill….But I guess it worked out for him because according to LieLie a little girl took the beads out of her braid and handed them to him and said “these two glow in the dark, they are tokens of my love”.  Finn said “OK”.  The Ed Sheeran effect really works on the ladies.

So high school, fourth grade and Facebook memories have done a number on me this week. TGIF

Not much has changed, except now he follows in his own boat and she’s heading to high school instead of middle school. ❤️❤️🏄🏻‍♀️🚣🏼‍♀️

Finn walked in after school today, took a shower, put on pajama pants, plopped down on the couch with a remote and said “come to papa summer.”

Coralie Elise – Freshman!

Introducing my very own member of the class of 2021!! 

This girl has amazing friends, perfect grades, the voice of a soul sister and a quick smile that she shares with all God’s creatures, even snails. She’s ready for highschool despite not being very tall. I know it, at least my brain knows it, but it is still bittersweet. She will always be my baby. I love her so very, very much. 

This is what her teachers had to say about her during the ceremony

Last week the whole 8th grade went camping in the pouring rain to an adventure climbing ropes/wall course place in the mountains for a few days. Lielie is afraid of heights. She had no intention of climbing anything at all. Ever. She’s been on trips like that before and she stayed on belay, on the ground, on safety patrol for the others. But this time she took a giant leap of faith, in the rain, with her people belaying her. There was magic. 

Here is what she had to say about it on her instagram:

“Kanuga is a wonderful place, and I hope that some day I’ll be able to come back. But for now I have some really good memories. Even through the pouring rain and puddles, we had a blast. There’s just something special about being in the mountains, especially with people you hold dear. I faced some real fears while I was there and that isn’t something I’ll soon forget. We had so many jokes, I met my new best friend Grandpa Nate. I crashed a tomato wedding, I had the best cabin and absolutely the greatest table, but most importantly I found experiences in middle school that’ll be treasured forever. 🌲”

But that is so last week because she’s not in middle school anymore. She is in HIGH SCHOOL


I was trying really hard to make a proper omelet today. But when I folded it over bad things happened (shocker). I expressed my disappointment but LieLie said not to worry, it’s the inside that counts. Finn said “it’s just like us, lovely on the inside but fat, burnt and ugly on the outside.”  OMG!

Then we went to get haircuts and looked a lot better on the outside. Finn negotiated a pink stripe in exchange for mullet removal. LieLie’s highlights and eyelashes are all natural. They cast a shadow on her face! 

Then we watched The Fault in Their Stars. My goodness that movie is sad. Even when you’ve read the book and you KNOW! Just skip that one mothers. 

This guy

Finns day: He caught the toaster oven on fire at 5:30 am. Took his first standardized test like a boss. Built a giant Lego set unaided and barfed on my bed from a migraine. But I love him with all of my parts despite the trail of destruction he sometimes leaves behind. I love to watch him carry giant laundry baskets down the stairs and water his plants and cook his breakfast and pack his lunch.  I like to watch him go about his daily routines like a little version of the man he will become. He is so very capable in so many ways. And he’s so very little. One day I will look back on today and think My God! No wonder he caught the toaster on fire! Who lets an 8 year old bake things from scratch!?I do. It’s me. For better or for worse you have to carry your own weight around here and he does a fine job with his 75 pounds! Carry on boy. Carry on.