So tired

This is what 8 shows in four days and tonsil pain looks like with no filter. 

My babies are tired. Lielie has been having the time of her life and wished it would never end. She’s happy surrounded by friends and up on stage. Even though it wore her out. She even got a prestigious paper plate award. 😉

Finn on the other hand texts me things like “please nuke me or give me drugs!!!!!!”  every few hours when the pain killers wear off. Bless his little, dramatic heart, the first four days were not easy. Today the worm seemed to turn and he ate a little and talked a little more. He’s been brave but this has been a rougher recovery than we anticipated. 

I may or may not have cut Finn and the dog’s bangs with the same scissors before bedtime since neither of them could see…..I may or may not have given them both an accidental mullet. Finn pointed out that the dog is blind but he isn’t……


This brave fella had his tonsils out today. That is a very, very good thing. When we drove up to the hospital there was a skunk spraying the parking lot. We decided that we liked that skunk more than Finn’s tonsils. What does that tell you? Now he’s on the popcyicle and sushi diet. Something tells me he will live. 

This girl is opening her spring musical tomorrow. She’s a trooper, too. For soooo many reasons. Mostly because she does what she’s suppose to do, even while recovering from the flu and her mother is ignoring her because of tonsils and what not. She never lets them see her sweat. Who ever “they” are, they should know that sweating is normal and back off!!!! Just sayin’, but she’s my star no matter what she does. She just happens be a real star with her name in lights right now. Here is her head shot. 

Thank you village for everything this week. Lesson plans and food and rides and love. Thanks for being there mom and dad. 


Took these fine gentlemen to a Beauty and the Beast Birthday party at the movies this morning. It was amazing. The costumes and singing and however they did the magical characters was pure Disney at its finest. I never saw anything remotely controversial other than a girl fall in love with a nonhuman. I really, really liked it. I give it two thumbs up and so did the boys. 

Mom rap

I was rollin up 

feeling sorta fly

New kicks on

In my one cent ride

I spread my wings 

I tried to fly 

But my the ladies in my life don’t like to play

They make Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like Tina Fey

The lesson of the day is you are on your own when you are climbing up the dog food cuz your momma’s on the phone

Reaching up high doesn’t take wings and gills

It just takes sweet kicks and mad spider skills